Cosmetic Build Up

A Simple Cosmetic Build Up Cosmetic Build Up of Anterior Gapping of upper front teeth. 42 years lady did’nt want to go for complete smile make over. She also didnt want any invasive procedures. So had to remain satisfied with reduction of the midline spacing only. Ultimately was’nt looking that bad rather much better than […] read more

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is one of the most popular treatments and the only way to preserve a painful infected teeth. However, RCT or root canal treatment needs special expertise and armanetarian to get to perfection. With the latest advancements in Dental research root canal treatments are much more predictable than before. For Appointments for Root […] read more

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Full Arch Dental Implant Surgery

Upper Full Arch Dental Implant Surgery has been performed on a seventy year old professor. The pictures might look fear-some but the surgery is absolutely painless and with any complications at all. This was the pre treatment Situation. Six Implants are fixed in the Upper Full Arch Dental Implant Surgery.   For Appointments Please Contact […] read more

How To Fix An Open Bite

How To Fix An Open Bite

HOW TO FIX AN OPEN BITE   Teeth Straightening Everyone has reservations regarding a particular aspect of their body and more often than not, people are shy of flaunting their teeth. One of the main reasons that make someone uncomfortable and conscious about their appearance is an “open bite”. As the name suggests, it is a […] read more

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Open Bite of front teeth.

Open Bite of the Front Teeth, Orthodontic case He is 28 years of age came to me with an open bite of the front teeth. We decided to go for braces to correct the open bite of the front teeth. Previously some other dentist had trimmed to upper front teeth so they had become short. Yet […] read more

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Brace Treatment

Brace Treatment An almost finished Brace Treatment. See the noticeable changes even before the treatment is completed. Patient satisfaction is quite high and obvious. Orthodontic Treatment in 6 Basic Steps Brace Treatment are the best way to get a better snile. If braces, brackets, headgear, and Hawley appliances sound like a foreign language to you, […] read more

Loose teeth made strong.

Fixing mobile teeth in the lower anterior region. Lower front teeth actually get the most damage in a mouth with bad oral hygiene. Hence they might get loose in long standing tartar deposit cases. Here is a sample treatment modality for such cases. Periodontally weakened lower front teeth: Scaling and root planing done. This is […] read more